Tarot Reading for Valentine’s Day

This is an example of a Valentine’s Day Tarot analysis you can do for yourself or others. The cards are laid out in the “Heart-of the-Diamond Spread.”

Begin your analysis by lighting a white candle light. Take 3 deep breaths. Inhale peace and calmness, and also take a breath out tension and anxiousness. Ask deep space to give you the details as well as support you need in a manner that is purposeful and easy to understand to you.

1. Card One indicates You Doll, You– Your Charming Self as well as How to Make It Benefit You.

This cards asks you to consider your self. What makes you a catch? What makes you fascinating? What are the favorable top qualities you give a love connection? What makes you a preferable charming companion?

The card in this placement is the Significant Arcana card the Celebrity. This card defines your personal qualities as hopeful as well as optimistic. It additionally informs me you provide inspiration to others, which you are a mild and affirming heart.

This card likewise claims you have star power. Are you permitting yourself to beam? Keep in mind, charisma is a terrific possession in drawing in love. Don’t conceal your light. Instead, consider how you can use it to discover love.

Action Step: Take stock of your celebrity assets. Create them down. See where you have actually got it going on. After that go with damaged.

2. Card Two signifies When You’re Heck on Wheels– Your Dark Side and also How to Manage It.

This card is the dark-side mirror of Card One. What is it about you that makes bring in a companion a challenge? What makes you a less than desirable charming partner? Are you demanding? Never pleased? Rude? Inconsiderate? Thoughtless? Narcissistic? Angry? Abusive? The listing might go on.

The card in this position is the 8 of Swords. It says you are indecisive, as well as your indecisiveness might be a matter of your very own doing. Are you willfully blind to things you locate disagreeable, or don’t wish to see because they don’t fit your dream sight of a situation?

This card tells me charming partners might resent your indecision, or blindness to things you don’t want manage. This tendency creates you individual distress as well. What is it regarding decision-making that you discover stressful? It’s time to proceed. Exactly how can you overcome this propensity?

Activity Action: Make a listing of your less than outstanding top qualities as well as brainstorm just how to alter, minimize or make up for them.

3. Card Three indicates A Journey Down Memory Lane– How Previous Heart Breaks, Obstacles and also Hindrances Limit Your Lovemaking Today.

The card in this position is the Three of Swords.It tells me heartache– although it’s in the past– is holding you back from searching for love once more. Besides sadness, you are carrying sticking around anger as well as resentment from stopped working love relationships right into brand-new love. Know wonder they, as well, collapse.

Activity Action: This journey may hurt, yet it needs to be done. Be brave. You require to heal the old to accept the new.

4. Card 4 signifies Over-the-Rainbow Love– Just How to Discover It, Claim It and also Make it Yours.

The card in this placement is the Ace of Cups.

“Somewhere, Over the Rainbow …” I get rips in my eyes. Just how around you?

This is what you desire, appropriate? Love in all its glory. To like as well as be loved.

Aces have to do with possible and clean slates. The fit of mugs is about feelings as well as feelings. This card tells me you’re not there yet, yet the energy for a brand-new love is developing. Just how fantastic is that?

Action Action: There is a strong energised link in between this card as well as the 8 of Swords. This is a cautioning to check yourself for self-sabotaging tendencies. When it pertains to enjoy, maintain an examine your less than suitable high qualities.

5. Card 5 is the heart of the diamond. It signifies It’s All About You!

Your primary love partnership is with yourself.

You need to love on your own before you enjoy another person.

What does this card inform you about where you are when it concerns self-love, self-acceptance and also self-regard? Exists function you require to do?

The card in this position is the Significant Arcana card the Lovers.

That the Lovers Card is at the heart of the diamond as well as the center of your analysis tells me you await love. You are actively engaged in manifesting love in your life too, whether you know doing so or not. This is terrific.

Action Step: You have quality and are concentrated on your objective. What do you need to do t make it happen?

6. Card Six signifies The Enigma of This Point We Call Love.

This card is your Crazy Love Card. It’s outside the primary framework of the analysis. It represents the unknown qualities of love, and also the strange ways it materializes in your life.

The card in this position is Major Arcana card the Empress.

The Empress is the Queen of Queens, the utmost Alpha Woman. She’s telling you to claim and utilize your feminine power.

She’s likewise gorgeous and sensual. She’s claiming it’s time to let your Inner Sexy bent on play. Go all out!

Action Step: Be open to the unexpected, the wild as well as the crazy in life. You never understand when harmony might show up, neither where it may take you. At the same time, usage judgment and workout caution.

As this analysis concerns an end, allow’s assess the activity steps you need to require to materialize or enhance loving partnerships in your life.

What gifts and capabilities do you have that will aid you recognize your love objectives?

Do you need to acquire or develop specific social abilities to acquire the love you want?

Are your desires, hopes and objectives about love aligned with your Magnificent objective in life?

Tape the solutions, understanding as well as guidance you receive from the cards in your Tarot card journal.

I thanks for your visibility as well as my deck for its wisdom as we close this online tarot reading.

May you be honored with love on Valentine’s Day as well as past.

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